whosstandingtall Lady Gaga le dio RT a una obra tuya ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Found out Lady Gaga retweeted a photo of the portrait I made of her. Meaning she was seen it!!! :’)

whatsamango asked: Super impressed! Just had to let you know!


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garnetbones asked: Hello, your work is so beautiful and I'd love to try experimenting with some of your techniques! On your portraits of Lana Del Ray and Marilyn Monroe it said that you used white acrylic paint, where and how did you use that? Did you use it underneath or over the colored pencil?

I use the white acrylic to intensify the white highlights. I use after im done with the color pencils. A little goes a long way!

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ubetterburnwitch asked: oh my god i just found your blog and you immediately became my favourite artist. your work is so inspiring and you are incredibly talanted. i love that you dont just make drawings, you work on every detail, you make the frames part of the art piece. as a gaga and lana fan myself, and an artist in the making, i appreciate it even more. idk, your blog left me speechless, i could stare at it for days. ps. i was wondering, do you (probably you do) study/ have studied art somewhere?

Thank you! I’m glad someone has noticed. Haha
I try to work on every aspect. From creating the art piece itself, to finding the right frame, and even the way I photograph it.
To answer your question..nope. I only took art in high school but didn’t start making portraits until after I graduated. So I guess you could say I’m “self-taught”.
Thank you for your kind words!

Anonymous asked: what is embossing?

Basically creating texture.

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vision-of-tomorrow asked: Hi, I can't stop watching your drawings, they are amazing. Keep on doing them! :D

Aw, thanks you! Will do!

Anonymous asked: Any chance you could please do a Prismacolor skin coloring tutorial? I'm having such an issue with that :( I don't know how to blend them. I've done only charcoal & charcoal is easy to blend.

I’ve seen a couple tutorials about that on YouTube.
I might do some tutorials myself in the future. One piece of advice I can give you is practice, practice, practice!

its-unagi asked: you are an amazing artist!


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Anonymous asked: Your drawings are absolutely amazing!! So talented :)


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fuckednexttome asked: You are so talented. i love all your work i want it all in my house haha :)

Thank you!!:)

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gagaislovely asked: Do you sell your drawings?

Yes, any pieces I still have for sale are up on my online shop

If you’re interested getting a portrait piece done feel free to contact me for price and sizes info


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"Victorian-esque" Lana Del Rey mini color portrait

prismacolor pencils, white acrylic paint on black textured paper, just about three inches, smallest portrait I’ve ever done

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"We could belong together, ARTPOP!"

Lady Gaga color pencil portrait by RicardoAbraham

prismacolor colorpencils, white acrylic paint, prismacolor pastel sticks on black textured paper 18X24 

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Quick little drawing. It was originally suppose to be Dita Von Teese, however this is the smallest I’ve attempted at drawing and it was just too small to get the face details. So I turned her into a skeleton instead.
Glamorous skeleton!



Frida Kahlo color portrait by RicardoAbraham

prismacolors, white acrylic paint, and gold leaf pen on black textured paper

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